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Hamburg Süd expands presence in the Asia to India/Pakistan trade

Effective from 5 January 2011, Hamburg Süd will expand its presence in the trade between Asia and India/Pakistan by joining the new ...


Hamburg Süd: Christening of the “Cap Jervis” in Callao

As part of a customer event, Hamburg Süd christened the “Cap Jervis” in Callao (Peru) on Monday, 8 November 2010. She is ...


Hamburg Süd supporting tests with low-sulphur fuel in Santos and the Gulf of Mexico

For the second time this year, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the support of Hamburg Süd, has been ...


Hamburg Süd: “Cap Jackson” christened in Manzanillo

Hamburg Süd christened the "Cap Jackson" in Manzanillo (Mexico) on Saturday as part of a customer event. She is the first ...


Hamburg Süd optimises Europe – Mediterranean Services

As of the end of September / beginning of October 2010, Hamburg Süd will implement its newly configured Europe - Mediterranean ...

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